Portable USB Secure 2.1

Portable USB Secure 2.1

Update Portable Usb Guarantee 2. 1 for Windows 32- and 64-bit as a free standalone, internet software. A dependable program for encrypting replaceable storage computers is Portable Usb Secure 2. 1.

Review of the Portable Usb Secure 2.0

The detachable store systems can be safeguarded by a variety of functions. A potent program called Portable Usb Secure 2 you encrypt and safeguard transportable store systems. It is an extremely user-friendly, portable software that is very simple to use. However, it offers a very light environment that has no impact on the computer’s’s achievement or data transfer speed. Simply put, it increases the security of the Usb safe-keeping products, reducing the possibility of data theft.



Additionally, customers can choose the Usb device’s’s passcode before being given access to the data. When you want to modify the storage press on the Usb computers, a passcode is furthermore necessary. Better protection functions are offered, and it works with all store computers. Overall, it is a very potent facts protection tool that aids in protecting Usb hardware device information.

Portable Usb Secure 2.1 benefits

The following are some of Usb Secure 2.1’s features:

  1. Usb instruments can be encrypted using a strong program.
  2. uses a passcode to lock the Usb hardware instruments.
  3. better service benefits and plug-and-play endorse
  4. Guard against information theft on the products.
  5. Before processing the facts, the watchword is requested.
  6. A robust request with an easy users software
  7. supports safeguarding every safe-keeping device
  8. Numerous additional strong options and features

Portable Usb Secure 2. 1 System Requirements

Prior to downloading the most recent Usb Secure 2.1 Foldable standalone online installer for Windows x86 and X64 layout.

  1. Windows 10 / 8 / 7 / Vista / Xp is the operating system.
  2. Costless hard drive space: at least 100 Gb.
  3. Minimum Computer size for installed storage is 512 Mb.
  4. Intel Pentium 4 or late computer

Free Download for Modular Laptop Safe 2. 1

Access the most recent Portable Usb Secure 2 Free Download standalone and offline by clicking the link here. This download is available for windows x86 and 64 layout.